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TitleOrbital Strike VR
Developer | PublisherDraconis Interstellar
PlatformsSteam, SteamVR, Meta
Press / Business Contact[email protected]


Enter the universe of Orbital Strike VR, a space combat simulator with 1-4 player online cooperative gameplay and immersive sci-fi storytelling.

Orbital Strike VR follows in the footsteps of foundational series like Freespace and Wing Commander, but takes the genre a step further with drop-in multiplayer, an innovative flight scheme, and the ability to call in and direct awesome capital ships as close air (space!) support.


Draconis Interstellar is a 2-person indie team founded in the summer of 2016. We work on the weekends building polished cooperative experiences for the VR community.


Cooperative Multiplayer
Designed from the ground up for single-player and drop-in online co-op with VoIP for up to 4 players. Play solo or invite your friends!
Starfall Campaign
An immersive and cinematic sci-fi adventure that serves as an introduction to the universe and tactics of Orbital Strike VR.
Outbreak Defense
Challenging and replayable wave defense scenario. Upgrade your fleet to take on increasingly difficult encounters with multi-stage boss fights and unique threats.
Command Capital Ships
As a pilot, you are responsible for commanding and directing fleet assets. Build and deploy custom capital ships and call in strikes against specific targets.
Zero-G Combat
This is what VR was made for! Fly through space and alongside your fleet using hand-jet flight mechanics. A unique design prevents motion sickness and seamlessly switches to teleport locomotion while within ships and stations.
Research Upgrades
Use your hard-fought for resources to upgrade your weapons and capital ship components in order to counter new threats that arise.



Download all screenshots and logos as .zip (33MB)


  • Bart Gunderman
  • Victor Libran
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